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The most important factor in having a No Hands Ejaculation or Hands Free Orgasm is the Track Quality. On our Website we only support full 100% 320 Kb/s. This is the maximum Audio Quality we can reach at the moment. Right now you are probably questioning yourself why is this important for me? Well let me explain you!

YOUTUBE / Soundcloud

On Youtube & Soundcloud the Maximum Audio Quality you can possibly have is 220 Kb/s. This is because Youtube and every other online platform for sharing Audio or Video files makes the size of the audio smaller. They do this to save space on the servers. But because of this quality loss the effect of the beat does not get to the full potential. This we have tested and found out that if you listen to a beat on Youtube or Soundcloud you only experience 30% of the full Activity Binaural Brainwave.


Always on this website we offer several Beats all made in 320 KB/s. Every beat you download from this site always has the 320 Kb/s. The thing I would suggest you right now is to go to the Free Download Section and try out our Free 15 Minute Binaural Beat. Then you can experience yourself what is the difference in quality and effect loss.

 Click here to download our Free HFO 1!

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