HFO Pack 10

Pack Info : This is Pack contains the following Tracks.

Hands Free Orgasm 46 (Hardcore Edition)  : This is the third part of our Hardcore Editions. This one is slightly different from the previous ones because of the vocal and the effect of the Frequency!

Hands Free Orgasm 47 (Prostate Stimulation 2) : This is our second edition for the Prostate Stimulation. After such a good feedback for creating this first Binaural Beat we decided to create another one with a slightly different frequency. The Frequency is tested and created to only stimulate the male prostate fully. 


Hands Free Orgasm 48 (Erection Stimulation) : This beat is made to increase the strength of your boner. It makes your penis even harder then it ever was before and the effects of this beat can last up to 30 minutes after listening to it.


Hands Free Orgasm 49 (High Intensity) : This track is created with a different purpose. The Frequency chosen in this Binaural Beat creates several effects. Such as a long lasting erection. More sperm. And lasting longer. The idea of this track is to keep repeating the same audio file over and over until you cannot handle any longer.


Hands Free Orgasm 50 (Kinky Edition) : This beat is made with a small echo in the vocal. This way it sounds like the girl is in some basement or BDSM area. This can be a giant turn on for some of our user! Test it out now!

Vocals : Female

Quality : 320 Kb/s.

Each Track Length : 30 minutes.

Total Track Time : 150 minutes (5 tracks)

Normally this pack would cost : $27.95 but right now it is selling for $19.99, Grab this deal right now and explore the Binaural Induction!

-How to use our Audio Files?

Always listen to our Audio with Headphones. Lay down somewhere in bed or sit somewhere where you can fully relax. Let go of every thought you had for the day and take some time to calm down. Start our audio file and close your eyes, do not move during the session. Feel what the combination of the Binaural Beat and the Audio File can do for you.

-What can this track do for you?

For over 10 years we have experimented with Audio Design. Focused ourselves on Binaural Beats for Sexual Stimulation and even Hands Free Orgasm. We have designed the most perfect audio files for you to experience this wonder all by yourself.

-Quality is important

After experimenting with Binaural Beats for such a long time, we found out that the Quality of the Audio Track is important. Youtube, Soundcloud or any other Social Platform compresses the Audio to 220 Kb/s. While we create the Audio Files fully HQ in 320 Kb/s. This is a significant loss. The effect will only be 30% of the original 320 Kb/s. file.

Normally this pack would cost : $27.95 but right now it is selling for $19.99, Grab this deal right now and explore the Binaural Induction!

We always suggest you to download your Audio files from our website for optimal experience. (Always 320 Kb/s.)

-Instant Download

After you ordered your beat from our website you will get instant access to your download. Besides that we will send you an email with the direct download link in it as a backup.


During the checkout procedure we ask you for your country of residence. This is because of tax purposes only, privacy is our golden rule.

Binaural Orgasm 2017

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