Follow all of the steps in order to achieve maximum result out of this Binaural Hands Free Orgasm.


Go lay down or sit down for five minutes and try to relax yourself. Without any distractions try to concentrate on what is going to happen the next few minutes. Try to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Concentrate on this exercise.


Download your favorite Binaural Beat from our store, or if this is your first try you could use our Free 15 minute Binaural Hands Free Orgasm.

Click here to download our Free HFO 1 (15 minute Track)


If this is not your first time and you do wish some Heavier Hands Free Orgasm I can suggest you to have a look inside our webstore we have several genres so everyone can pick something they like.


Grab a shirt, or anything to cover your eyes from seeing any light. I do prefer to cover my eyes even when it is dark. This way you can focus yourself more on the Binaural Brainwave. Start the audio file and put it on a low volume but just loud enough to hear the Female Moaning in the Audio Track. Try to concentrate on the female vocals in our tracks, this way the Binaural Beat that is hidden inside this audio will have all of its effect.


Try to breath in and breath out slowly, this way your body will relax more easy.
Whenever you are starting to feel shivers or any heat you know the effect of the Binaural Audio is starting to work. Make sure you get used to this feeling cause at first it can be a little weird. The more used you are to this effect the more relaxed you can stay during the session.


Inside our audio we have built an Isochronic Build Up. This means that during your session in the background your unconscious is being stimulated by a rising Frequency. This frequency forces you to orgasm. but the trick is to stay calmed when it is happening. The more excited you get during your session the less you feel from the effect,


Try to stay awake, especially for the ones who use this session before sleeping. I advice you to use it a hour before you go to sleep. Why? Simply if you fall asleep you will experience an orgasm but you will not remember this. So the perfect timing for these sessions are before you turn sleepy or in the morning when you just woke up.


Quality matters

One of the most important Factors in having a Hands Free Orgasm is the Audio Quality of the Binaural Beat,

Youtube, Soundlcoud or any other Social Media Site, compresses the Audio Quality to 220 Kb/s. This may not seem like much to you but when we ran a few tests we figured out this gives 30% of the real effect. The real effect is in 320 Kb/s. and all our beats on the website are in that quality!

Always download your Binaural Beats from our site!

Click here to download our Free HFO 1 (15 Minute Track)

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